Glossy Mr&Mrs videos made in minutes only $79
Give us a few details

Give us a few details

Tell us who's tying the knot, then choose 15 fun questions from our huge selection for the groom to answer (you can write your own too).

Let the magic work

Let the magic work

Whilst you then relax, the groom receives a link to record himself on his smartphone using our clever automated system.

You take all of the credit

You take all of the credit

We edit the clips into a glossy video (with graphics and music) and send you a download link. Stick it on at the party and you're the best bridesmaid ever.

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The how and why of Him&Her - the home of glossy Mr&Mrs videos

Him&HerVideos is the brainchild of professional TV producers Michael Wilkinson and Amy Boyle - who also happen to be husband and wife!

Between them they have over 25 years industry experience and with their expertise in making telly, friends would often ask them to make glossy Mr&Mrs videos for their hen parties. It was such a long process - agreeing on questions, traveling to film with the groom, creating graphics, editing, exporting... it was obvious that a better solution was needed to simplify and speed up the process - thus Him&HerVideos was born.

As of Feb 2019 we've proudly created over 400 videos in 6 different countries!

It's the number one hen party activity - and a guaranteed hit. Before the party, the bridesmaid will ask the groom questions like "Where is the strangest place you two have had sex?" (or less saucy ones if Grandma is present...) and then the bride is asked the same questions on the night. The aim of the game is for the bride to match the groom on as many answers as possible - but really it's just a brilliant way to hear funny stories about the bride and groom's relationship.

It's a great game to play with the answers just written on paper - but seeing the groom brought to life on the telly with polished graphics and gameshow music really elevates it to a memorable hen party experience for the whole crew. That's where we come in!

The beauty of Him&Her videos is how simple it is!

Give us a few details

1. Give us a few details

Using the create form, tell us who's tying the knot and write up to 15 fun questions for the groom to answer - you can write your own bespoke questions, choose from some of our favourites or opt for a combination of both.
Let the magic work

2. Let the magic work

The groom, AKA the "star"of the video, will receive a link to record themselves answering your questions on their smartphone or tablet.
We'll turn it into gold

3. We'll turn it into gold

We take the recorded answers, edit together a polished video and send you a link to download it (and post the DVD, if you ordered one).
You take all of the credit

4. You take all of the credit

Play the video at the party and bask in the glory. So how much does it cost? Just $79 for up to 15 questions. Create yours now
Very quickly! Once the groom has recorded their answers, we typically send the final download link within 24 hours. If you specified a DVD, this is posted out 1st class at the same time, usually arriving the next day.
We need a minimum of 48 hours - but that's all. Just make sure your groom knows that time is tight and we'll make it happen. Let's do this!
We do indeed - currently there's 68 to select from. We even float the most popular ones to the top.
That's absolutely fine - you can write all of the questions yourself, or mix it up with a few of ours.

Good question! Some grooms give a better performance when they've got an audience (or need a gentle kick up the bum to get it done), whilst others prefer to record their answers in their own time and space.

We'll send you the link too, so you have the option to take control of filming - but in our experience, grooms get the job done just fine on their own.

We list the questions for the groom to see and let them re-record their answers as many times as they like, until they are happy. So there are no surprises and they won't feel uncomfortably on-the-spot.
Unfortunately we don't offer this service- it's just not how our system works and it wouldn't be cost effective for us. However the recording process is so quick and simple we're sure the groom will be happy to re-record their answers if you are struggling to edit what you have.
If you are in Ireland, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa - then absolutely YES! If not, then drop us a line and let us know where you are - we're working on supporting more countries and currencies - so watch this space!
Yes, we have an alternate style for returning customers. It's not currently an option on the site - but drop us a line at and we'll arrange it for your video.
Just drop us a line at and we'll get back to you in record time.

Drop us a line at or use the form below